The Ohio Crew / Directors of Photography



Bryan Olinger

Bryan is a Los Angeles-based industry professional and artist. He is an accredited member of the Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild serving for the last several years as a digital cinema specialist during the industry’s biggest steps of transition from film to all-digital acquisition. When not lensing projects for Cutaway, Bryan can be found directing and showrunning live music productions with iHeart Media.

As a cinematographer, Bryan has applied his years of industry experience and technical skills to create effective solutions within the emerging face of new media. He has established himself as a commodity by creating production scenarios with smaller footprints without sacrificing creative options. Bryan has shot numerous broadcast music videos and public service pieces, as well as multiple SyFy Network feature films. Included is one of SyFy channel’s highest-rated films, Mega Piranha, in which his photography is highlighted as a reason for the movie’s “standout energy.”

Bryan also continues to practice regularly as a still photographer showing his portrait photography around east Los Angeles and providing studio portraits and head shots to artists and performers. He is a working video artist working with experimental film and pushing the boundaries of merging technology and definitions of art.





Devin Doyle

In 2006 Devin began his career in Los Angeles at Panavision Hollywood. He worked his way up to prep floor technician, assembling camera packages for assistants and forging the connections that would pave the way for his freelance career. After leaving Panavision in 2008, Devin became a Local 600 member and worked as a film loader, digital imaging technician, 2nd assistant cameraman, and eventually 1st assistant.

Drawing from this wealth of industry experience, Devin approaches his photography from both pragmatic and artistic angles. A firm handle on the technical aspects of cinematography has freed Devin to focus on the creative details of filmmaking. He feels that one of the most rewarding parts of being a DP is problem solving and collaborating with a team to realize a vision.

Over the years Devin has shot numerous short films, commercial content, and music videos. In 2012 the “We Barbarians – Chambray” music video Devin shot was a finalist in the Los Angeles Music Video Festival. More recently, his music video “Olentangy – John Lancaster Stomp” garnered an Emerging Cinematographer Award in 2014 from the International Cinematographer’s Guild.




Chris Westlund

Chris is a cinematographer and one half of the directing duo “nautico,” hailing from Lexington, KY and currently living in Los Angeles. In addition to shooting award winning narrative shorts, he has lensed scores of music videos and commercials. His work has been featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, Vice, Advertising Age, Pitchfork and much more. When he is not shooting he loves traveling remote trails, tinkering with classic SLRs, and skating to his favorite Panda Bear record. If you would like to know more, you can usually find him nestled in the belly of Cafecito Organico reading the latest Tao Lin novel and ingesting an unhealthy amount of caffeine. He has never gotten the knack of writing about himself in the third person.